Our Human capital

Our people continue to excel in reaching to the pinnacle, meeting the company objectives in productivity manner, while strengthening relationship among them. The company‘s success to a great extent has been targeted unparalleled dedication & commitment. We remain very proud of the team who has displayed a great degree of loyalty, motivation and dynamics in meeting and exceeding the goals. Training & knowledge gaining is a part and parcel of all staff of our company such as in-house, local and international. At the Dhanusha Color NightAt the Out bound training(OBT) program
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Dhanusha Group CSR

DMLE continues to serve to the Nation and community by way of supporting to education, environment and other needy areas. Our CSR policy covers employees, Suppliers, customers, shareholders and our environment, community.

As we strongly believed that our key priority of socially responsible business is to build up and continue strong relationships with community. Further we considered that businesses engaging in community relationships will enhance social partnerships, and contribute to the community quality & better life.

  • School children Assistance program
  • 10th Anuuavasary 10th Anuuavasary
  • World Children day celebration – 2014
  • world childrens day world childrens day world childrens day world childrens day world childrens day
  • Kalutara Stupa Project
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